Disaster Help

Rebuilding electrical infrastructure is a challenge that Accurate Control is prepared to meet.

We responded to the floods from Tropical Storm Allison that inundated Houston’s medical center by immediately providing
hundreds of combination motor starters for temporary power, and then rebuilding nearly 1,000 motor control center buckets within two weeks.  ~ Deer Park, Tx


Working with electrical distributors, we assisted in the restoration of essential medical services.
When Hurricane Ike struck the upper Texas coast, the storm surge flooded numerous manufacturing facilities and most of the
city of Galveston. Distributors on the Gulf coast called on Accurate Control to once again meet the need to provide or
re manufacture hundreds of motor control center buckets, more than 50 combination starters, plus variable frequency drives,
transfer switches, and specialty controls in the minimum possible time – in some cases, the same or next day.
We did the same after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, helping to rebuild industry in Louisiana and Texas.