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Accurate Control has been an integral part of my business for well over fifteen years.  I consider Accurate Control unique because of the technical expertise they provide, and their ability to provide me and my customers with the full menu of services we require which include engineering/design, drawing submittals, equipment building, equipment certification, equipment programming and testing.  Accurate has always been there for me 24/7, and they’ve always been willing to go out in the field with me to look at an application or a piece of equipment to insure that what we build is right the first time ~

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Accurate has always been there for me 24/7

Accurate has always been there for me 24/7

Accurate has always been willing to help us with a solution, including making site visits in advance to get a feel for constraints that words or pictures alone cannot completely describe.  In this day and age, people sometimes lose sight of the fact that there is still no substitute for face-to-face interaction when it comes to problem solving.  Accurate has always been willing to go the extra mile to fill that void and keep the human side front and center throughout all steps of the process, from problem definition to solution.

Willing to go the extra mile

Willing to go the extra mile

Rebuilding electrical infrastructure is a challenge that Accurate Control is prepared to meet.
We responded to the floods from Tropical Storm Allison that inundated Houston’s medical center by immediately providing
hundreds of combination motor starters for temporary power, and then rebuilding nearly 1,000 motor control center buckets within two weeks.  ~ Deer Park, Tx  (more…)

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery